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Blast from the Past #391: Apr. 2, 2004: comments on character designs for "Superturtles" episode and Apr. 2, 2004: notes on Ep. 74 outline

Apr. 2, 2004: comments on character designs for "Superturtles" episode

From: Peter Laird
To: Lloyd Goldfine

Here are some notes on designs sent recently.
I have no problems with any of the set designs in this group:
Ext. Megatropolis City
Ext. Sliver Tower
Ext. Shell of Justice (love this one!)

Int. Monitor Area -- Shell of Justice
Int. Shell of Justice
Int. Sliver's Tower
As for the character designs, some are pretty close. I have a few comments:
K'Nign: His head is too dragon-like -- I think it should be more dog/wolf-like.
Slaythereen: I like the added "cobra flare" around the neck, but the head looks too "cartoon snake"-goofy and not mechanical enough -- I'd prefer something closer to the comics version. (Note: This drawing is labeled "Slythereen", but the character in the comic is called "Slaythereen". If my memory serves me, this is because when naming these characters I did an Internet search to see if they were already being used, and "Slythereen" was.)
Griddex: He looks ludicrously malproportioned in this drawing. I also prefer the original costume over this "short-sleeve t-shirt" look.
Shellectro: Yuck. I like the simplicity of the original design.
Blobboid: Also Yuck. I know the original design is not terribly different from a basic Turtle look, but this one leaves me cold.
Graviturtle: Somewhat yuck. Too many clothes. One thing I should emphasize -- when I originally designed the Super Turtles, I tried to NOT give them too much in the way of costumes, to allow their Turtle-ness to show through. Thus, the original Graviturtle has cape, boots, gloves, belt and cowl -- and the rest of his Turtle body is exposed. I think that style works better.
-- Pete


Apr. 2, 2004: notes on Ep. 74 outline

From: Peter Laird
To: Lloyd Goldfine

Here are my notes on the Ep. 74 outline.
1.) Re: the following:

"Hebi tells the moles to DISPOSE of Tomoe Ame, but a voice tells them to stop.  From the shadows, a figure emerges… 

Hmmm... I was under the impression that there were no humans in Usagi's world. Am I mistaken?
2.) Re: the following:

"Leo may have no clue how to get back to his own world, but the BattleNexus is a place that can be reached from any world!  Once there, he can speak to the Daimyo.  As ruler of the BattleNexus, the Daimyo wields the WarStaff, a weapon imbued with the power to create doorways between the BattleNexus and any other world.  With the Daimyo’s help, Leo can get back to his home world and help his family."

Just so it doesn't seem TOO easy, maybe we should throw in a line or two here or elsewhere to indicate that getting to the BattleNexus and finding the Daimyo and his WarStaff is only the FIRST step... because even if they can accomplish that, they have no idea whether or not  the Daimyo has the power to FIND Leo's brothers, lost among the uncounted parallel universes.
3.) Stan would have the answer to this one, I'm sure -- are the mole ninja (Mogura ninja) near-sighted like real moles, and do they depend a lot on sound and smell? The reason I ask is that it might be a fun bit if the way they locate Gen and Noriyuki (while Leo and Usagi are infiltrating the castle) is by following the strong scent of something that Gen is cooking for Noriyuki's (and his) dinner (or, if cooking is impractical given the circumstances, maybe its some pungent thing that Gen is carrying around with him to munch on -- like onions or scallions or something). I can't remember if Gen has any habit like that -- but I wouldn't be surprised. Again, Stan would know.

4.) Here's an idea I had that may work, may not -- feel free to shoot it down if it doesn't. I was thinking that it would be cool if somehow Leo gets thrown across dimensions by Ultimate Drako carrying only one of his swords (maybe the other one is blasted out of his grip during the brief and futile attack by the Turtles on Ultimate Drako when he appears in their lair) and eventually ends up with a sword from Usagi's world, which he brings back with him to our world and keeps it in his room as a trophy and a memento of his journey to Usagi's world and his adventures there with the samurai rabbit. 
THEN... after reading this outline, and seeing the fight which Leo has with the evil Hijiki near the end, it occurred to me that it might be cool to have Leo disarm Hijiki and take HIS sword... which turns out to be (in a FOURTH season episode!) a very special sword with special powers or significance, perhaps a revered heirloom of Hijiki's family...  AND the "maguffin" which sets in motion another appearance of Usagi in the TMNT show, perhaps with Usagi and maybe Gen somehow finding their way to our world, in search of the sword (or maybe they're chasing Hijiki, who is the one searching for the sword). Just a thought.
-- Pete


  1. "Hmmm... I was under the impression that there were no humans in Usagi's world. Am I mistaken?"

    Hikiji's face was only shown once in the UY comics, but he is in fact a human. This was a holdover from an abandoned concept that Stan Sakai had. More details can be found here.

    Sakai has stated that he now regrets making Hikiji a human, though.

  2. Hikiji is human. However Jeff is mistaken, like I was, until Stan corrected me. Stan does not regret making Hikiji human, he regrets showing Hikiji's face. Related, but different.

    The Mogura certainly have good smell and hearing, but their eyesight is okay, according to the two part story they first appeared in. They can be blinded by bright lights however.