Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Mirage Group" illustration by Gale Benning

A couple of days ago, Mike Dooney alerted me to the existence of this piece of art:

I hadn't checked my blog's comments that day, so I had not yet seen this message:


It's my wish to present this homage to you and the Mirage Group as you all were a source of inspiration for me during my youth and as i continue in my career as an adult.

Mirage Group Illustration

Hope you enjoy it, and thank you for the past 25 years and for many to come!


Mr. Gale Benning
Executive Producer / Director/ Production Designer
Philosophia Studios"

I aksed Gale if it would be okay if I posted his drawing on this blog, and he agreed. I like it -- it's quite a good portrait of the Mirage bunch. I'm curious as to Gale's technique here -- was a light table involved, or was this freehand drawing? Or is it some kind of computer-aided drawing? However it was done, I dig it and I appreciate the sentiment. Thanks, Gale! -- PL


  1. thats a nice drawing right there. You should print it out and frame it up! :-).

  2. Man that is wild!
    It's sad looking at it though, allot of those faces aren't involved or haven't ben involved in a long time.
    Have you been working on anything lately Peter? Or has this been break time? :)

  3. That *IS* an awesome tribute to you guys! I am also interested in what technique was used... if that's all free-hand, then I am TOTALLY in awe. Let me know if you find out how it was made :)

  4. I'd second AGLIAREPT's suggestion.

    I'd further that and wish to have a print produced by the creator and yourselves approval.

    I sent the link to Dan if that is okay via's web mail.

  5. -->> AGAIN .. cool interp- , Gale //

  6. @PL: Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

    @AGLIAREPT: That is the plan, I'd somehow like to get some of the guys to sign it...(daydreaming)..

    @Vaughn Michael: It is true that not everyone is around these days, but the point is to NOT forget them and the talent they brought the Mirage, TMNT and the other characters & stories created through the years.

    @Mica/PL: Actually the process of creation included most of the methods Peter mentioned in the description at some point or another; some free hand, some digital.

    @mikeandraph87: Thanks! Interestingly, Dan is well aware of this piece and witnessed it through it's creation and aided in my process of getting photo references.

    @tOkKa: You know dude, thanks of course!



  7. Sorry guys,

    There are always some bad apples.

    It looks like some persons that i didn't wish to get a hold of the image (not from this group) have an I'll have to watermark it.

    If you're still interested in a non watermarked edition, just email me.