Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blast from the Past #284: Pencils for Archie "TMNT Adventures" #34

Here are my pencils for the cover of one of the Archie "TMNT Adventures" comics -- I believe it was #34.

I'm pretty sure Ryan Brown inked this one. -- PL


  1. I was a little tacker when this issue came out, i remember the turtles comics were always at the top of the shelf. had to get mum to reach for them for me :-). great memories. Actually when i think of it my nanna bought me this issue!
    again....great memories. i miss this series.

  2. this one is great i realy like the view point ,raph is done well too

  3. That is my very first comic book ever! This started my collection and solidifed my TMNT fandom!!!

    I got this very issue from my late grandmother a reward for learning how to read at the rip age of 4!Thanks Peter!

  4. -->> ..prolly one of the most pragmatic ( even spiritual story arcs ) in TMNTA - and my favourite.
    Raph and Ninjara's pencils are really tight here.

    Damn , wow.. i love these large scans so much !!

    Again, tho' Pete's Katmandu cover remains my favourite.

    ~ t