Thursday, January 22, 2009

Triceraton by Tokka

It's a sad, almost inevitable fact of life that during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, some things fall through the cracks and don't get attended to in as timely a fashion as they should. So it was with this cool gift I got from "Tokka" (aka Dave) last month. He fashioned a wild-looking custom Triceraton -- I think it is based on an existing figure of some sort, customized with additional details in some type of sculpting medium, and painted in Dave's unique style.

The figure has been sitting in my office at Mirage since I got it, and I've been meaning to post photos of it, but it just kind of got lost in the swirl of things. Dave, here's a belated "Thank you!" -- PL


  1. OOOOO!!! I *KNOWS* that dood!

    Veeerrry NICE!


  2. Wow, that's cool. I like the paint job. Nice work, Tokka!

  3. Ooh... Tokka Artifacts!

    Now see, one day Peter, when *Tokka* is the world-renowned, fabulously famous artist you'll be able to say "I knew him when..."



  4. -->> ..thanks so much, guys.

    Pete the Triceraton is a **Mighty Mugg.

    They are Hasbro's attempt to capture some of the vinyl toy market.

    Hasbro's major brands are featured on these figs ( i . e . Indiana Jones , Star Wars , G I Joe, ect. ). They are very popular especially among customizers. I've seen plenty of fans customize them as Battle Star Galactica, Batman characters, TMNT characters, and even political figures.

    They customization became so popular, Hasbro Put out ' BLANK ' Muggs for people to use.

    The 'Ton is a Star Wars Clone Trooper Mugg figure with a mixture of sculpies, fabric paints, ' holographic' glazes, and acrylics.

    The Gun's "tri-tips" should also be able to glow- in - the dark.

    The 'Ton is based on the * the little post card i did last year.

    He's a hybrid.. combining the original crazy "ORANGE " Triceraton toy design Playmates released in 1990 ..with the 2003 Tricerton design. With a little bit of manic wackiness thrown in for good measure.

    .. it was part Christmas gift , but was also my way of thanking you for all you've done for me.

    While i know my life and work represents allot of question marks, i have come along way in soem regards.

    Things still remain very challenging and just downright increasingly tough.

    Despite the disposition & illness : i wouldn't have had these life-changing little victories over the past few years if it wasn't from inspiration from your artwork and writing all these many years.

    It's kept me going in may ways.

    So again, i in turn thank you and i wanted you to know that i mean it.



  5. Next weekend will be my first try at Sculpy. I'll be down the shore, and there's a nice big work spot and peace and quiet :).

    Just not sure what would be simple enough to try.

    The Death Star? :)