Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blast from the Past #62 repost: Evil Mutants

I drew these two wacked-out evil mutant animal characters sometime in the late 1980's as part of our continuing efforts to help Playmates extend its TMNT action figure line.

I have NO idea what possessed me to combine a lynx with cyborg elements and add football to the mix, but I think it could have made a cool figure.

"Oscar" the mutant snail guy was a character I hoped would get made -- there's just something about him I like (I think it's his elegant bilateral symmetry). But neither of these dudes made it onto the animated show or into plastic form. -- PL


  1. -->> .. a streak of typical Laird Awesome-ness possessed you.

    That Snail is damm Rad and freeky as hell.

    wish that Borg was on my team !!

  2. Football Borg....the awsomeness factor is so high its wild.

  3. You know, Peter...There is a way to revive the classic show as it could have been, and seeing all of these new mutants in comic form :). Gives Shredder and Krang stories a break and lightens up on the mad scientist of the week plot the old show fell back on far to often :)

  4. I would have loved that Snail as a kid ! Maybe with the re-releases, they could maybe do new figures in a retro style ! Awesome dude !

  5. Peter,

    I used to sit behind you in Mr. Cis's mechanical drawing class, we used to draw together.

    Drop me a line if you get a chance. I don't want anything ;)