Friday, January 16, 2009

Blast from the Past #139: Evil Utrom designs

Back in the preproduction phase for the 2K3 TMNT tv show, when Lloyd Goldfine and I came up with the idea of the Shredder actually being, secretly, an Utrom in an exoskeleton, we knew that at some point we should reveal exactly what that evil little bugger looked like. I thought that he should look significantly different from the standard Utrom, in some way which would make him stand out and look BAD. So I did these two pages of quick conceptual sketches to try to come up with such a look.

And once we had settled on a design, it was necessary to come up with a restraining device for the flashback scenes which showed how the evil Utrom had escaped on Earth. The following image shows the small tweaks I made to the design submitted to us by 4Kids, which was actually almost perfect -- I just wanted to try to make sure that the squishy little imp could find a way to squeeze himself out of it. -- PL


  1. There's something about the one eyed version that makes me want to yell "Shredder's not only an Utrom, he's a PIRATE Utrom! SAVY!"

  2. Was there any thought of just naming Ch'rell Krang? As a nod to the old cartoon show?

  3. In the first drawing, The first and last one are my favorites....

    DT: That probably would have confused people even more :). But there would have been allot of good jokes inherent in it :).

    Confused Fan: 'Wait, Shredder is now Krang in this new series?'

  4. I love the Utrom Shredder idea. I'd like to see it involved in movie form...nudge, nudge...

  5. I'm only now getting into the comic books. At 27, I know, a little late in the game. Just wanted to say thank you for showing us all this stuff. I had no about Utroms. Only
    Krang. LOL. Thanks again for the keen pictures ! Maybe one day we'll see some sketches of Ray Fillet *hink* LOL. Take care !


  6. " Dragon Turtle said...
    Was there any thought of just naming Ch'rell Krang? As a nod to the old cartoon show?"

    As I recall, no. We really wanted to separate the new show from the old one, and naming the evil Utrom "Krang" would have just been pointlessly confusing. As you are probably aware, we later DID do a quick "tip of the hat" to Krang by having one of the Utroms (I think while they were evacuating the TCRI building) refer to another as "Krang" in a throwaway line. -- PL

  7. -->> ..there's a ' creep ' factor with the Utroms that always made me cringe since i was kid.

    Ch'rell just adds an extra aire of nervousness to that.

    Krang was in a way more cuddly for lack of a better way to put it.

    Ch'rell wasn't only a creepy device, but one of the more sinister versions of Shredder.

    I wonder where the name "Ch'rell" is derived and inspired from.


  8. I really love these concept idea of the evil utrom, I'm not sure if you've ever seen the book of Jim Hensons Design doodles but these remind me very much of his work.
    So in other words I like them allot. ;)

  9. I think #5 and 10 are my favorties. #6 is cool but it's too coincidental that he'd be shaped the same as Shredder's armor. #1 reminds me of Dregg :P