Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Von Engman's Shirt Vault... now open!

(Note: This doesn't have anything to do with TMNT, but I think it's very nifty! -- PL)

My long-time good friend and fellow graphic designer (and to be honest, when I say I am a fellow graphic designer, I mean he has probably forgotten more about Adobe Illustrator than I have ever known) Rob Engman has started a new venture -- he's designed a whole line of quirky, whimsical illustrations using his own fresh new take on the "heart" (❤) symbol (as in "I ❤ Whatever") to express his fondness (and, hopefully, yours as well) for a variety of fantastic critters, including Vampires, Zombies, Robots, and Werewolves, to name a few.

These unique designs are printed on a range of various types of shirts, and you can see them all at what Rob is calling "Von Engman's Shirt Vault", found at this link:

I think I may have to break my self-imposed rule of not wearing t-shirts with designs on them... these things are pretty cool! (I especially like the robot one.) -- PL


  1. I like how the zombie has a couple bites taken out of his head.

  2. Peter, I am a huge fan, and have a couple of questions regarding my favorite character, Casey Jones. In his everyday patrols of the city, what weapons would he keep in his bag? I know he has the hockey stick, the baseball and cricket bat, but what others?

    1. Well, definitely at least one golf club... and maybe a simple steel pipe, and possibly a chain. Casey would use whatever worked for him, and generally it would be stuff he found around his garage.

      Now go buy a Von Engman t-shirt! -- PL