Monday, March 28, 2011

Blast from the Past #359: April O'Neil, ballerina?

Today, I came across this publication of the Amherst Ballet Theatre Company's 1978-1979 season...

... and was idly thumbing through, thinking I might recognize some person or place or event mentioned in it (having lived in or around Amherst at that time), when my eye was caught by a name on this page...

... and looking more closely, I realized that it was none other than Paige Turco, who played April O'Neil in the second and third live action TMNT movies. Here's a closeup of her section of the page:

Small world. -- PL


  1. Very interesting indeed! Its fun to look through stuff like that. You never know what you may find.
    I don't know your opinion,but even in early elementary school and to this day Paige was my favorite April portrayer.I really thought she understood the role and could have worked it just as well if April was Baxter's lab assistant. Cool find!

  2. I had no idea she worked as a teen for the Springfield library! I wonder if we have pictures of her in our staff archives! :)

  3. I loved Paige as April! She just has this wonderful sense of humor. You really notice it in the third film.