Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Designs from TMNT 2K3 show for Christmas episode

While searching my hard drive for some Christmasy stuff to put up on my blog, I found the following designs which were sent to me some years ago from 4Kids for approval. I am not sure which episode these were done for, but it was definitely a Christmas-themed show which featured the reappearance of Usagi Yojimbo and the Daimyo from the Battle Nexus. Here's the Daimyo spiffed up in some Yuletide accoutrements...

... Usagi dressed up as an elf...

... Klunk the cat in the snow...

... Michelangelo as an elf...

... and Santa Splinter. -- PL

(Usagi® and © 2010 Stan Sakai)


  1. That is from the Michaleangelo#1 special adapation "Christmas Aliens" that was made between "The Big Brawl" and the Triceraton invasion that kicked off season 3,but of course didn't air until Christmas Day that Saturday during the course of season 3.

    I didn't remember the Daimyo with the nose, thats funny!

    The post makes me hope Nickeledon will reach out to Stan to see futher interaction.

  2. This was such a great special! Thanks for posing

  3. Nice post, I just watched that earlier this week The Christmas Aliens on the Michelangelo's Christmas Rescue DVD =)

  4. I love watching that episode whenever I get the chance!

  5. I really love that episode, Mikey is on a solo adventure. He is so adorable!!