Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Fugitree is no more

Yesterday I spent some time doing post-Christmas clean-up, mostly taking down some of the lights I'd put up for the holiday. A number of those lights were on the mighty Fugitree. I decided it was time for the ritual dismembering of the Christmas tree, and -- after carefully removing the fifty Fugitoids and the scattering of silver balls -- I got out my long-handled loppers and proceeded to cut every branch off the tree.

I've done this for the last eight or so years, as I discovered that it makes getting the tree out of the house quite a bit easier, and less messy (not so many needles falling off as I when I used to struggle to manhandle a full, albeit now dried out tree, through the doorway). It's also kind of fun.

For the last five or six years, I've been saving these denuded trunks in the garage, with the idea that at some point I might transform them into walking sticks. I haven't done it yet, but I still hope to. Here's a photo of the remains of the Fugitree with the other trunks in the garage (the Fugitree's trunk is the tallest one).

I want to thank my daughter Emily again for suggesting the idea for the Fugitree -- it turned out to be one of the best-looking Christmas trees we've ever had. -- PL

P.S. I think I am going to offer those fifty Fugitoids for sale, though I have not yet decided on a price.


  1. Awesome about the fugirelics being sold!

    Its a bit depressing to see a bare tree. Exspecailly one a bare of green. I guess I'm used to the plastic ones.

    First the Fugitree and then what kind of genius suggestion might Em have for a Playmates toys line?

  2. hope your having a great new years Pete! Let us know when and if you ever decide to sell the fugitree relics. I would love to continue that tradition in my home. - Mauro

  3. Definitely still interested in a Fugitree relic :)

  4. please please please can you save a fugitree relic for me :-D. my tree was so bare this year :-(.


  5. 25 dollars a peice? Seems reasonable. ;) I'd hop right on that.

  6. Definitely put me down for a Fugitoid! Maybe you could do some real quick Fugi-head sketches on the white boxes?

    Really cool you save the trunks, you could probably build something really neat with them eventually.

  7. Is the fugitoid the correct scale for the NECA figures?

  8. Fugi is a little smaller than NECA scale.. Good idea about chopping off the branches, Pete. I will do that next year.. still finding burnt pine needles in the dryer.. from my tree being dragged through the house..

  9. Hopefully people outside the US can buy a fugirelic! :)

  10. Pete,

    I found your next project! The mirage comics lamp! or mirror frame! Check this out. Do you see the turtle?

  11. "Brookslyn said...


    I found your next project! The mirage comics lamp! or mirror frame! Check this out. Do you see the turtle?"

    Yes, those are very cool. I saw a couple of them online a year or two ago, and for a little while I was thinking it might be a fun project to try. -- PL