Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blast from the Past #269: The Shredder

Here's another pinup from the early days (1985). I didn't draw the Shredder very often... my pinups usually featured Turtles (probably because they're easier to draw). -- PL


  1. I have never seen u post a shredder yet, but i like it! What was your original inspiration for ol shred head anyways? was he modeled after anyone or any particular warrior?

  2. Wow,that is an amazing drawing! I've seen too few Shredder drawings by you.

    Are there any Rat King drawings?

  3. This is interesting to me because this greatly resembles the first Playmates figure, even in the pose, but predates it by several years.

    Was this drawing used for any kind of reference for that figure?

  4. -->> Adam, once again has a unique perspective.

    Again i just don't see it. ( not a good or bag thing ).

    But there is a much younger, leaner Saki represented.

    The original Shredder Fig is resembled hunched over and a bit more grizzled. The blade count on that figure on each gauntlet and shoulder pad is about 2 less

    but it does bring u questions on design regarding the original figure i suppose.

    Damn cool and classic.

    ~ t

  5. -->> Well .. maybe i see it in like the legs stance, Adam.

    Hm -

  6. Well, I agree the head looks very E&L style, but the slender build, and definitely the shape of the leg are reminiscent of the figure to me. I think the armor resembles it to an extent also (albeit in a much more detailed form here).

    You're probably right though Tokka, I might just be seeing things. I think it's the bent leg that really conjured up the mental image.

  7. -->> Good point -

    and well we're prolly BOTH seeing things.

    That's actually a good thing i bet.

    All in all, that figure was inspired by some semblance of a Shredder design.

    This pin-up would draw from the appropriate era.

    Maybe the guys at Playmates really did use this.

    Who knows.

    Maybe Pete does.


  8. Looking at I see the '87 version with Mirage details. This should be the design for the next rendition of The Shredder!

  9. -->> Hm Mike, in a way .. if NECA comes thru' .. .. we just might really get this rendition of Shredder.


    Adam may have hit more nails on the head than one.

  10. I wish wish we could have gotten the NECA figure that looks like this drawing.
    I don't think we're ever going to see the rest of wave 2.
    Such a shame about that line. :(
    Awesome drawing though.

  11. -->> ..think it's still a matter of "Hurry up and wait".

    NECA excels at this motto.

  12. Right Tokka,
    But with the turtles beign sold to Nick I have to wonder if the neca line is now dead in the water.
    I just saw the other day playmates has cancled all tmnt products until 2011.