Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blast from the Past #266: Drawings in silver pen on black paper

I was doing a little bit of cleaning yesterday and came across these drawings. They are from 2005, and I think I did them at the NY ComicCon.

Beginning around that time, I decided I would bring with me to shows a few pads of black paper and several silver Sharpie® pens, just for something a little different. People seemed to get a kick out of a sketch done this way, instead of the traditional black marker on white paper.

I believe I did these near the end of the last day of the show, when we had a few rare moments of not being swamped at our tables. -- PL


  1. Again, I am speechless. Your artwork always impresses and inspires.

  2. interesting, the Raph one looks very Lawson-esque I probably wouldn't have thought it was one of yours at first glance.

  3. wow, they really stand out so much more, its funky cool take on the standard sketches you do at the cons.

    do you think you will ever attend another Convention Pete?

  4. I love the "new" take on the drawings.. almost jump off the page

  5. Awesome memory. Must be photographic to know when and where a few hundred sketches were made.

    Turtles look great in green and silver thanks to the proof of that sketch! Also,I wonder if the Triceraton is a generaic or a notable one such as Zog for example.

  6. -->> Hmm - i don't see the Lawson connection.

    Unique and strong as Laird gos , but on this articular set.

  7. -->> .. meet you kinda 1/2 way,Adam .. particularly in the 'Ton - -

    little bit of aire with the hands in the RTNY era Lawson as far as like ZOG looks. Looking at the powerful hands mostly .