Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing like a big box of shiny robots to brighten up a fellow's day

Last week, I came into Mirage after a bicycle ride and found a large carton from Playmates in front of my office door.

Wonder of wonders, it was a box containing one hundred of the vacuum-metalized Fugitoid collector figures! Goongala! It even had some messages written on it by Gary and Mike.

It feels good to finally have in my possession a substantial number of these gleaming beauties. Kudos, once more, to Playmates for making a dream come true.

I mentioned the arrival of this bounty to my daughter the other night and she suggested that we decorate our Christmas tree this year with Fugitoids only. I said I thought it might be a hard sell, trying to convince my wife of the virtues of a Christmas tree laden with SAL-1000 'droids. But there will definitely be one or two of these shiny boys hanging on the old Yule tree this year. That vacuum-metalized coating will surely reflect the Christmas tree lights in interesting ways.

Mirage will be offering some of these figures for sale, but not for a while -- probably not until next year. But until then, you should be able to find them in some stores. Playmates tells us that they currently have Entertainment Earth (online retailer), Diamond Comics (distributor which services many different smaller retail shops), and Big Bad Toy Store (online retailer) signed on to carry these figures. -- PL


  1. That Christmas tree will look fanatstic.
    When you decorate it, please, post a pic here!

  2. Cool, I can't wait until they are available. Is there any word on when playmates is planning to rerelease the original movie figures. I read an article about a little while back on

  3. Em's a smart one. Sounds awesome. Move over R2-D2 and C3PO here comes Fugitoid!

    I look foward to picking one up in the store,but you mentioned Diamond Distributing. Could that mean we could order it from our local comic shop like we would Tales of TMNT via DD?

  4. Looking forward to putting my metallic fugitoid on display with my NECA tmnt. Hopefully Entertainment Earth sends out their preorders soon!

  5. the writing on top of the box is hilarious.

    after i heard it was a hundred fugitoid i expected a pic of them all lined up on your front lawn or something.
    good idea,putting em on the x-mas tree.

  6. if theres ever fugitoid #2,thatd be awesome

  7. Definitely looking forward to getting one.

  8. That's awesome! I'll definitely have to buy one when they're released. I noticed on the side of the box, that Playmates used the old 80's/90's TMNT this figure a vacuum-metalized version of the original Fugitoid figure from the old toyline, OR is it a vacuum-metalized version from the newer 2000 series toyline? O_o??