Monday, September 14, 2009

"Quest for Dreams Lost" pencils

I penciled these layouts for "Quest for Dreams Lost", a one shot benefit comic (a fundraiser for the Literacy Volunteers of Chicago), back in 1986 or 1987. "Quest" was published in 1987, with all proceeds going to aid the LVOC. A number of other independent comics creators also provided stories featuring their characters searching for famous artifacts associated with literature. In this case, the Turtles were looking for King Arthur's sword Excalibur.

If memory serves (and I offer the caveat that I have not looked upon the finished work in many years), I believe Ryan Brown did the inking. -- PL


  1. The first page says "art and story by eastman, laird, brown and lawson".
    Cool comic, BTW!

  2. awesome. I love the transition of the sword on each page lol. What an awesome layout!

  3. those are fantastic... would love to see the inks or final pages if you can dig them up

  4. yes!
    great post
    thanks alot
    i read the whole thing
    its an instant classic.
    thats so cool leo actually uses a european sword.

    some rivers in europe really do hve swords.
    anchient weapons are a big part of the turtles so its cool theres a whole short about one.

  5. I know I've read the final comic, but I can't recall where now...

  6. -->> Tyger , really ?!

    ( i mean makes sense.. but - - )

    Do you have an example to share about these underwater weapons ?!

    I mean is it similar to this effect in this comic ?!

  7. Very nice to see them laid out this way as opposed to back to back pages. I also like how you can tell the story in only 2 panels per page without losing any of the "action." It's much like key frames in animation. I'm liking these "side" projects you're posting. Please keep them coming.

  8. tokka,man,its TYR(a GERMANIC and norse god)TYR (pause) germanic.
    hah tiger manic.

    to answer:
    the River Shannon.all around ireland and scotland.the Karelian Isthmus of Finland.
    just about any waterway that had vikings or naval battles.
    or land fights nearby
    arhaeologists do what leo did but with scuba gear to study the weapons.
    but any locals can do it for keepsakes.and they do.

  9. -->> HOLY !! !! !!

    That's pretty amazing , Tyr.

    Man wow.

    ( Sorry about mispronunciation , Tiger. )