Friday, August 8, 2014 celebrates Turtles

I just noticed tonight that one of my favorite nerdgear websites,, is celebrating the TMNT with a special offer which will result in certain lucky folks getting free pizza (well, actually, vouchers for that hot and cheesy stuff).

Check it out at this page!

Very cool, ThinkGeek dudes (and dudettes) -- thanks! -- PL


  1. I hate to repost this here since it is irrelevant to the post, but I'm afraid that this may be the only way you might see it and I'm pretty sure I have a general answer to #2 due to some comments you made in Turtle Tracks, but:Mr Laird,
    I have two questions concerning Vol. 4:
    1. Is there a digital copy of issue 30? I can't seem to find a printed copy nor a digital scan on your blog.
    2. I noticed the switch between the duo-shade paper previously used in Mirage Vol. 1 and the first 9 (or 8?) issues of Vol. 4 to the other methods of showing gradients and shades that are currently used; was this due to the fact that you were running low on the paper, as it is no longer in production or was it simply a stylistic choice? Or am I incorrect about the whole thing?

    1. 1.) Go here:

      2.) The switch from doing the grey tones on the Graphix Duo-Shade paper to doing them with Photoshop had two main impetuses -- first, I felt that the Duo-Shade approach was simply taking too long (at least at the speed with which I was capable of working); and second, after Eric Talbot showed me the technique of creating dot-pattern screens from grey scale images, I became really intrigued by using this technique to do tones on the Volume 4 artwork. Of course, the unavailability of new stock of the Graphic Duo-Shade paper played a part, too. -- PL