Friday, March 21, 2014

Hell freezes over...


  1. I can't replicate the gasping craving sounds my mouth produced when I saw this in my RSS feed.

  2. So close to Aprils fools but not close enough. I'll believe it, for now....

  3. Say what!?

    Awesome....I hope.

    -Kevin McGill

  4. It would be awesome just to see the scans online, even more awesome if it (and #31) goes to print.

    I love Volume 4 and your story and I've been waiting so long to see it continue and/or reach its conclusion.

  5. Hell yes!!!

    btw Mr.Laird I found this picture of you on the web. What is this from? My guess would be from "behind the scenes" of TMNT 1.

    Its was on some blog "unexplained internet pictures"

    Back to your post Satan is giving sled rides through purgatory.

    1. That is a photo of me, my wife Jeannine, and our infant daughter Emily posing with one of the Turtles from the first movie (and I believe the actor in the suit as a guy named Dave, and he was very nice to do this after a long day on a very warm set). -- PL


    I cant wait for this.

  7. I swear im about to cry im so excited
    You and Kevin are the ones who got me interested in ANYTHING artistic and I owe who I am today to you.
    And when I discovered a while back that the Mirage series had stopped putting comics out it kind of gave me a gut punch. I was happy to have 1-30, and that you put 31 here, but I still always wondered what happened next.

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  9. Trying to message Peter Laird. I sent the same message to Kevin Eastman… Is there any site that I can send a message to with personal contact info. Thanks.