Sunday, February 23, 2014

TMNT keychains at

Browsing through one of my favorite online sites,, I happened upon these TMNT plush keychains:

Pretty cute, eh? I may have to pick some up. -- PL


  1. I love how the product description takes a jab at Michael Bay for potentially turning the turtles into aliens in the upcoming movie. But yes the keychains are cute.

    Surprised they're based on the Fred Wolf designs instead of the current Nick cartoon designs though, but I notice a lot of retro merchandize based on the original show coming out lately.

  2. I miss the bad ass TMNT stuff - the old school statues. I was a poor kid when they were out, and now I have a bit of money and all I see are four coloured headbands.

  3. -->> Pete, i received an early prototype of one of these last year from Viacom. quite a before and after transition. I guess i better show people some time.

    ~ t