Friday, July 2, 2010

Blast from the Past #318: TMNT Volume 1 #15 concepts

Here are a few more things from that sketchbook, related to the fifteenth issue of the original TMNT comic book series. First are two pages of notes I made about the story.

(I'm not sure why that note about the vinyl-eating alien creatures is in there -- it's possible, I suppose, that I was considering working that idea into the plot of this issue, though at this point I don't remember how.)

This other page contains some sketches of Dr. Dome and his Domeoids, done when I was trying to work out what they should look like. -- PL


  1. I highly enjoyed #15. Dr. Dome creeped me out so much as a child, but I couldn't stop looking at that ugly mug of a dome.

  2. Very cool peter!
    I love seeing this stuff!

    Could you by any chance tell us about Funatix?

    I didn't even hear about it until searching for comics tonight.

  3. Hmm not to pry to much but I did a bit of research and found quite a bit of information about Barbearian's.
    A series that the folks who started Funatix! really wanted to get out there.
    Is there any chance we could see some of that stuff?
    thanks again Peter!

  4. Its interesting to see the process of a writer as he plans out an issue. Thanks for sharing!

    The issue I thought was better than the animated adaptation with the unrequited love that Dr. Dome had for and BB in turn had for Steve and Adnada being the shamed product of the latter two. A bit soap operish. While still a good episode. What was your take on that twist in the adapation ,Mr. Laird?