Friday, April 30, 2010

Blast from the Past #299: Team Mirage at Southwick

As my photo-scanning project continues, I am occasionally running across a TMNT-related image or two. This is one such image. It was taken at the Motocross 338 race track in Southwick, MA. This is from sometime in the early 1990's, I believe, back when Mirage Studios was sponsoring several different motorcycle racers in an effort we were calling "Team Mirage". All the racers were on Kawasakis, which fit neatly with the TMNT because Kawasaki's "corporate color", if you will, is "Kawasaki Green". It's the color of the team shirts you see us all wearing in this photo.

Two of the racers we sponsored were local boys, Larry Lashway and his younger brother Gerry "Bunker" Lashway. These guys were FAST! They went to a lot of races at the Southwick track, and won a number of them. I enjoyed hanging out with them and their family, a nice bunch of folks. They even let me drive my Hummer on their practice track!

From left to right in this photo, that's me, Larry, an actress playing "April O'Neil", a Turtle (Donatello), and Gerry. I'm pretty sure this photo was taken on a special kid-oriented day at Southwick that we got involved with -- there are a lot of young kids starting out racing on little 50cc bikes. If memory serves, we sponsored a race that day which was called the "Cowabunga Classic". -- PL


  1. such a nice photo. thats an even nice turtle costume. did you ever get to keep or have any of the customized bikes? I remember you mentioned there was one that was painted like a turtle with a red bandanna i think? that was a nice bike!

  2. Great photo. I knew you guys loved bikes and motorbikes,but didn't realize you guys sponsored any form of races. Cool fact of the day.

    Donatello looks like a giant '88 toy moc version!Awesome!

  3. Very nice.

    Say, you guys ever going to let Tristan Jones finish his "Gang Wars" story? Re-reading through the comics and it's a real pity it's being left on a big cliffhanger.

    - Andrew M.

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