Friday, April 23, 2010

Blast from the Past #295: Hand-decorated TMNT mug

There used to be -- until about a year or two ago -- a neat place in downtown Northampton where you could pick from a variety of "blank" unglazed white ceramic pieces (cups, mugs, plates, etc.), decorate them yourself with different colored glazes, and then have them fired. The result would be a unique personalized and useful piece of crockery.

A few years back I made several things there, including a plate with a Turtle on it (I used a photo of this on the inside front cover of one of the TMNT Volume 4 comics), and this coffee mug.

I decided to draw all four Turtles on this one mug, and used the smallest brush they had available. I had to thin the fairly thick black glaze quite a bit to get it to the point where it would act like ink instead of gloppy paint.

As I recall, because I wanted it to look clean and tidy, I didn't do any preliminary drawing with pencil, but instead went right in with the thinned glaze. Like drawing directly in ink, that kind of thing can be a little nerve-wracking, but I like the way it came out. -- PL


  1. the fact that you went straight in with the glaze shows how great an artist you are. not because of how you literally painted it, but because in your mind you must have that image already drawn out. really really nice cups. i wish you would sell some of them on the mirage site. awesome work pete!

  2. It's interesting to me the more work by the Mirage artists I look at the more distinct your styles all become. What's also interesting about that though is that it seems you rub off on each other from time to time, as this has sort of a Lawson-esque look about it...or maybe I'm just crazy!

  3. WOW, I want one! Just so impressive.

  4. It's incredible that you were able to put that much detail into it. Amazing!

  5. I agree with Adam Riches. That can be perfectly dsiplayed on the group pictures that were recently auctioned with one character done by one artist and one character done by another and so on.
    Your styles are unique,but also seem inspired by each other at the same time.

  6. "msemilylaird said...
    I didn't know Claytopia closed!"

    Em, thanks for reminding me of the name of that place! Yes, sadly, it is no more. -- Dad