Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Thanks!" (UPDATED 04-18-09)

Last month Mirage was visited by a group of students from the Center for Cartoon Studies, accompanied by the man who created that school, acclaimed artist/writer James Sturm. They had come down from the wilds of upper Vermont to see the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst, and after that, take a tour of Mirage in Northampton, and do a half-hour meet and greet with me, followed by another session with Kendall Clark, director of the Xeric Foundation.

They were a nice group, and I wish I'd scheduled more time to speak with them, as it seemed we just got going and it was time to stop. Before I left the room and Kendall took over, I gave them each a set of the NECA TMNT figures and a TMNT spiral-bound sketchbook.

Well, yesterday I got this cool "Thank you" card in the mail, from James and the students who came for that visit.

James mentioned in an email that he was the one who drew the color Turtle in the middle of the piece, using one of the NECA figures as a model. Nice!

Also included with the card were these books by a few of the CCS students -- I hope to get to read them this week. -- PL

For more information about CCS, check out their website at:

P.S. I just realized I was remiss in not mentioning the following -- two young women who sat next to me during this event gave me copies of their work. Here's the cover to and first page of "Pair It" by Jen Vaughn...

It's an intriguing story which I think may be part of a larger work (I'm making that assumption based on the fact that Jen wrote "(a sample)" under the title on the cover.)

The other comic was "25¢ AND OTHER TALES" by Katherine Roy. Here's the front cover.

I especially like her drawing style. -- PL


  1. What a cool thank you card. I love the little appreciation of the turtles graph. That's neat of you to spend time with the students like that.

  2. ->> damm .. to have visited Mirage in when i was in cartoon school. OI !!


    .. damm those guys do good work too !!

    Wait , that's where Steve Bissette teaches !!

  3. after seeing the "shut up you!" tails comment, I wanna know the story behind it! Can U share with us Peter?? Nyar Pleaaaase??

  4. Pete. That's awesome of you to share your time with those aspiring students.... and a very cool thank you card. Let us know how those books are.

  5. ""Mica said...

    after seeing the "shut up you!" tails comment, I wanna know the story behind it! Can U share with us Peter?? Nyar Pleaaaase??"

    I don't really know if there IS a story behind it. My guess would be that the person who drew the "What's up with those Turtle tails?" thing was followed by one of his classmates who then responded with the "Shut up, you!" comment. If there is more to it than that, perhaps the CCS students who did it will fill us in (if they ever see this blog entry). -- PL