Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Documentary Day

The "TMNT fan documentary" crew paid us another visit today. Isaac Elliot Fisher returned, and brought with him two of the producers on the documentary, Mark Hussey and his wife Sarah (both very nice people). They were in Northampton to do some follow-up stuff, including a bit more interviewing and getting some footage of me drawing something. We set up in my office (I'm glad I cleaned it up yesterday!)

It was fun to listen to some of their stories about going all over the place to talk with both Turtle fans and people who have been involved with the TMNT property professionally. I especially liked hearing about their visit with my old pal Ryan Brown in his home in Ohio.

Here's a photo of Isaac and Mark conferring about some technical camera-related issue.

One thing I did to prepare for this visit was to dig out an old sheet of Graphix Duo-Shade paper which had been kicking around my office with an unfinished pencil drawing on it. It was unfinished because it was pretty bad, and I had no compunctions about erasing it so I could use the paper for this drawing demo. I thought it might be fun to do it on the Duo-Shade paper, as that was what Kevin Eastman and I had used for many of the Turtle comics we did together.

I'd also brought in some originals from issue #4 of Volume One, so I could demonstrate how we used to carefully cut up the large sheets of Duo-Shade paper to maximize the use of this expensive material. Once I'd done that, I proceeded to pencil, ink and tone this drawing of Donatello, which I gave to Isaac once I'd finished it.

It was fun to do -- I think it was the first time I'd used Duo-Shade in this way in about five years. Isaac and Sarah both took me up on my offer to try the Duo-Shade paper. I drew a quick Turtle head sketch in Sharpie on a small piece of the paper for Sarah. Here she is working on it...

... and here she holds up the finished piece. Unfortunately, I think my camera flash washed out most of the tones she did on it!

Isaac drew his own Turtle head (quite well, I thought), and toned that. Here he is with the result, which he gave to me.

Isaac also brought with him the t-shirt that he has been getting signed by many, if not all, of the people he's interviewed for this project.

All in all, it was a fun couple of hours. I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing the final documentary. -- PL

For more information about the project, visit http://turtledoc.fauxpop.tv/


  1. -->> Bad A55 !!

    Way to go , Sarah and Isaac !!

    Damm .. this is starting to get more exciting.

    Wow .. gee !!

  2. I'm really excited about this documentary! I've been following Turtle news for a long time, and I'm so eager to see these interviews and hear the story all the way through. :)

  3. Those Crazy Canadians stayed with me in Los Angeles for a couple nights, and I spent quite a bit of time with them down here. Great bunch of guys :-)

    I have a turtle head sketch that Isaac did as well...on a red plastic cup :-P

  4. Looking forward to the finished dcoumentary! Sarah reminds me of a young Jenny Agutter for some reason...

  5. Very cool and I see you're teasing us with that fugitoid again :P

  6. See, if I Had the time and money (already have the equipment), THIS is what I'd be doing with my life, even if I didn't get paid.

    This guy must be rich going around like that ;)....

    Which brings up a question:
    Peter, do you know if the guys at 4kids are still working on the DTV (storyboards, art, 3D, voice work) or is it more or less completed?


  7. "Neil said...

    Peter, do you know if the guys at 4kids are still working on the DTV (storyboards, art, 3D, voice work) or is it more or less completed?"

    Neil, all I know at this point is that I have yet to see any animation from the special. However, it is possible that all of the components you list may be completed. -- PL

  8. This all looks so cool! Is there any chance you think that it'll air in the uk at all? I'm keeping my fingers crossed someone will film 'going green' on the 23rd so I don't miss out.

  9. 'blossombrooks '

    I'm TRYING to make it. Dan and Gary are feeding me info as fast as they get it, but I'm still trying to find out two things..

    - Is the record breaking attempt going to be held indoors, or out, and what time is any announcement going to be made? If it rains, and is out doors, what are the plans?

    - If it's indoors, is there a building name to look for? I google mapped the address, and there is no place that looks big enough to hold anywhere near 10,000 people on the map :).

    I also plan to stop by weehawken that night and film the green Empire State Building. As well as the Party Bus.

  10. add on:

    Another request, Peter :).

    I just found an official website for Steve Barron, but his agents email is bouncing back. I'm trying to find out if he'll be making it to the event. It'd be cool to try and get an interview with him.

    Too bad he probably wouldn't have time to do a running commentary on the movie as it's running, if such a thing where possible without annoying nearby people watching :).

    It'd be a cool youtube extra.

  11. I have always thought that the mark of a successful man is that his office has packaged action figures on the wall. Looks like a real cool place to work!