Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shellback visit

I stopped in at Shellback Artworks in Wells, Maine, today to see my buddy Steve Lavigne. We hung out together for a couple of hours, during which time I signed a bunch of things, inked a drawing of Steve's in a book for a fan, and did exactly one dozen large TMNT head sketches for Steve.

Here's Steve posing with one of them:

I'm not sure how much Steve is going to charge for them, but I would typically charge about $40 (forty dollars) if I did these at a signing. Steve may also color some of them, which would bump the price up to perhaps double that. If you want to know more, you should contact Steve through Shellback's Facebook page. -- PL


  1. Dear Mr. Laird,

    I recently approached Dan from Mirage Licensing to ask him for the best way to make contact with you. He promised me to redirect my request to you, but he also suggested that I should communicate it via the comment section of your blog.

    The reason is an article on my own blog about the Turtles and how they influenced my childhood and probably my relationship to popcultural media in general. Those four green individuals also forged my - I guess we can call it - 'passion' for the turtle as an animal. A certain linguistic incident involving my former English teacher is also a part of this article.

    So, to cut a long story short, I would like to ask you and I would really appreciate it, if you are interested in sharing this article about the Turtles via your blog. Currently the article is online only in German, but I would consider it an honor to translate it into English for the sake of your international readers. And the Turtles, of course ;D.

    So, if you are interested in my suggestion and you would like to hear more (I can surely elaborate on this), I would be delighted.

  2. Hello Peter! Thank you for letting us know about this! I will gladly buy one of those sketches colored or not, but please dont punish me for not using facebook.. is there an email I can reach Mr. Lavigne at? Thank you very much!

  3. Mr Laird, I have been a huge fan of TMNT since 7 year old, (Currently 14). I really loved the series. May I ask you if you can post TMNT vol.4 #29? I really want to read it but can't seem to find it. Thank you for reading this message and please post the issue. I really want to read it. Thank you so much!

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