Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What the -- ?! #2

I was going through some stuff a couple of days ago and came upon this bizarre artifact from the glory days of TMNT knock-off products. I can't recall how I obtained it some years ago -- I might have found it myself in a store, or someone may have sent it to me.

In any event, it is a VERY strange product. As you can see, the strangeness begins with the title: "Mighty Mutant Power Turtles Battle The Secretive Goo". Open the box (which measures about five inches along its longest side), and inside is what at first glance appears to be a VHS tape, but a shrunken one.

Flip open the side flap on this plastic case, and you realize it's NOT a tape of any kind, but a container for…

… a slab of bubble gum, which is molded to sort of look like... a VHS tape.

Who thinks this stuff up?

I did a Google search for ""Mighty Mutant Power Turtles" and found something on eBay which is similar, but instead of gum shaped like a VHS tape in a faux VHS tape case, it's gum shaped like a CD in a CD case. 

Weird. -- PL


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  2. Several years ago, as I felt that I was running out of official merch to collect, I started getting into collecting this weird bootleg stuff. Can't say I have ever run into this particular item, but I Do have some seriously strange gems in my collection :)

  3. well... I guess this was the first ninja turtles power rangers crossover event? ...unofficially of course.

  4. I think I had one of those as a kid! Not sure if it was the VHS or CD...I'm thinking CD.

    Most definitely the CD. If I remember right, the gum sucked.

  5. I had that CD case. The gum inside was shaped like a weird oblong oval with a hole in the middle.

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  7. These were actually available at BlockBuster Entertainment as an impulse item at the counter. There were tons, and I particularly enjoy eating the banana ones!

    This was available around the time of the Virtual Boy, as I recall there being an interactive demo of one.

  8. There was a series of pogs/milkcaps with the characters.