Friday, April 24, 2009

Fugitoid, still on the run...

I've been having more fun taking photos of the vacuum-metalized Fugitoid figure in different locations. Yesterday, while bicycling with Rick and Rob, I stopped along the way, at a spot on the banks of the Connecticut River, to take this photo...

And today, I thought it would be fun to pose the 'Toid next to my favorite local roadside waterfall. Unfortunately, my shiny little friend slipped out of my grasp as I was positioning him on a mossy rock, and fell.

In falling, his left arm popped out of its socket (this has happened a couple of times before, and I have Super Glued it back in), and he fell into the rushing water in two pieces. I managed to grab his body before it was swept down the stream, but his arm vanished under the water. I was starting to freak out as I imagined the arm getting lost somewhere downstream.

Fortunately, the arm got trapped under a tiny waterfall, and -- because it's so shiny -- I was able to see it and retrieve it without too much trouble. Except for soaking my sleeve and watch, that is. -- PL


  1. This seems to have become that favored childhood toy that will go through many a battle with you. :-)

    Like Woody is to Andy in Toy Story. If you keep it up long enough your favorite figure is going to start to look like my childhood TMNT collection.

    Interesting also that his limbs are glued in, I thought he was one solid piece of plastic. Now I really think they need to find a way to articulate him

  2. I used to love setting up my Star Wars figures out in the garden in similar ways, and I was also prone to losing a few to the elements every now and then! That's a great shot too, really nice environment!

  3. Too bad his eyes don't light up. That would have made a cool night shot...

    Now, why didn't someone make a life sized Fugitoid for the 25th? :)

    Did your birthday happen yet? :)

  4. *smiles* He realy did become his moniker today didn't he....The little

  5. i have the same hobby with my movie star tmnt figure, i usually take them into the city and take pictures of them around town lol. i love it. how is the fugitoid doing? maybe you can use some guerrilla glue to better bond his arm to his body? i've always just used crazy glue for my figure repairs.

  6. Even in action figure form that 'Toid just can't stay out of harm's way!

  7. -->> many protos are there of Honeycutt ??

    I mean worse case scenario .. the arm has gotten washed away ..

    then what would have happened ??

    I usually choked on my toys.

    Swallowing Pizza Face's cleaver was a happy little journey.

  8. Any news on this toy yet?
    Ypur teasing me like crazy I want one so bad lol!
    Take better care of your toys young man or I'll have to come take them off of you :P
    -Vaughn M.

  9. Poor Professor! Adventure seems to follow him no matter what form he is in.

  10. I ran across this on CNN. Cool!

    Nice to see some recognition. :)

  11. That reminded me my cousin's depression when he lost a weapon of his GI JOE Snake Eyes figure as we were playing with on a grass-heavy area.
    As i think of it then and now, i think i must be mad that i was actually "opening" the packages of action figues!?!

  12. I lost the Joker's long gun (From the 1989 movie) right out of the package on my birthday. Man did I hate that. I was so excited to have that big awesome pistol and it was gone before I ever got to enjoy it.

    Love that you're out playing with the Fugitoid, Pete. Would be even more awesome if Playmates could make this guy articulated and at retail!

  13. I like taking pictures of my figs, too!

    I have taken don with me when i travel in europe.

    This are some of the pics:Ʊonuevo.jpg

    One day, i hope. i can make a video with all the pics!

  14. "United Colors of Nacho Benetton"

  15. Looks like you're having fun with the shiny Honeycutt. When do we get to do the same?

  16. He looks pretty cool in that photo; the shiny tech contrasted against the serenity of nature and all that.