Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fugitoid on the run in the forests of D'Hoonib...

... or maybe just in a puddle on a rock near my house.

I know I already posted photos of the vac-metalized Fugitoid prototype, but I've been waiting to take him outside so I could get some shots with some cool environmental reflections -- you know, that classic sky/earth thing you see in chrome. The weather lately has not been great -- many clouds, very little sun. It lightened up a bit yesterday, and I decided to try to get a photo or two of the 'Toid in some natural surroundings. This was the best one.

Sharp-eyed fans may have already noticed that the pose of this non-articulated figure is largely based on an image of the Fugitoid from one specific page in one of his comic book appearances. Can you guess which one? -- PL


  1. Isn't it from the Fugitoid one-shot? I haven't got the issue handy, but I think it's from that big splash page where he comes upon the crustacean aliens...

  2. I believe your correct Tristan and Peter seriously you're such a tease!
    I hope this and other great characters come out this year the past year or so has been pretty dry for secondary characters :\

  3. -->> THE CRUSTACEANS are known as



  4. I absolutely love this prototype figure. It's perfect. I'm excited about this one's production.

  5. man, gotta get me one of sure would take the guess work out when drawing all of those reflections!

  6. -->> .. hey ,Playmates , Pete :: ..

    (( this is a longshot )) think a companion VARLESH piece {{{ The ' CRAB-LIKE CREATURE }}} for ol' Fugi here ??