Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blast from the Past #56 repost: Kirbyship

Some years ago I had the idea of bringing together the Mirage black and white turtles with the Archie color version of the TMNT, and I was going to use the concept (introduced in the Mirage DONATELLO one-issue "micro-series") of the artist Kirby (based on the late great Jack "King" Kirby) and his "warp crystal". The character of Kirby would use the cosmic powers of the warp crystal to bridge the gap between the two universes (Mirage and Archie), and we would see the color turtles interacting with the black and white ones (literally -- I planned to do the art in color to represent whatever was in the Archie TMNT universe, and black and white with grey tones to represent the Mirage TMNT universe, sometimes mixing the styles on the same page). I intended to work with my pal Ken Mitchroney, who had penciled many of the Archie TMNT books -- he would handle the pencils on the color TMNT elements, whereas I would do the black and white TMNT stuff. I had written out a rough plot, and done the sketch below (of the ship Kirby creates to travel back and forth between universes), but the project never got off the ground, for a variety of reasons. -- PL


  1. This is still something I'd LOVE to see (along with every other TMNT fan)!!!

  2. Being a MAJOT TMNT Adventures fan I would LOVE to see a full on crossover between the 2 universes!! Maybe with Cuddly crossing over as of Tales of the TMNT 52 this could happen? In Vol 4 Leo's in the Nexus...he's already met another version of Shredder...maybe the TMNT A turtles could show up? Or characters from TMNT A. :D Anything's possable.

  3. -->> 0_o ~~** poit poit ~~**


    .. nice point,D !!


  4. This is such an awesome thought. I was a bigger fan of the mirage books, but I really liked the Archie ones as well...espeically when the tone seemed to get more serious than the cartoon (but always with that eement of fun of the animated series). I particularly liked the April O'neil mini-series.

  5. Heh, I was thinking the same thing, Dierna, as soon as I saw who Leo Met in the Battle Nexus. I even suggested the idea to Peter at the NYCC, only with old school turtles and new school turtles.

    Nice to see he had the same idea about 10 years earlier :).

  6. Oh, and speaking of old school, what do you think of this revised David wise interview I put together? I added video clips to make it look like a DVD extra in the hopes that Lions Gate would get inspired for a Collectors box set. If a fan can do it, anyone can :)


  7. if you truly care about TMNT fans PLEEEASE make this happen in 2009. The reason this is such a cool idea is that the universe of the TMNT Mirage series and the universe of the TMNT adventures series are both unbelievably solid. i honestly like both series equally. bring them together in a one shot, or maybe a Tales of TMNT or maybe even a regular TMNT issue, whatever you want. You do an awesome job with the turtles however you do it. Cowabunga!

  8. sorry about my last comment i know u care a LOT about tmnt fans. but im just really xcited about this prospect

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