Monday, December 22, 2008

Blast from the Past #55 repost: Donatello in new costume color study

Believe it or not, Kevin was going to throw this one away! I’m glad I was there back in 1985 to stop him and beg him to give this drawing to me, which he graciously did.

To this day I can’t understand why he didn’t like it -- I think it’s a very cool high-contrast ink drawing with a nifty experimental color effect (not to mention it shows Donatello in an alternate costume design we were thinking about using). -- PL


  1. -->> (( mystery solved )).. of the references i've used for related work on Donatello's coolest costume.

    ah sh6t, Kevin .. rad !!


  2. I have no problem with the turtles wearing some kind of clothing. Almost as if it shows them as 'evolving'.

    Elbows and Knee-pads/mask super here type look from kids to teenagers...

    A bit more serious costume as adults...

  3. Nice job, Mr. Kevin Eastman!!

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