Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blast from the Past #285: Pencils for cover of TMNT Volume 2 #7

This is my pencil art for the cover of issue #7 of the Mirage color TMNT comic book series, also known as "Volume 2". I drew this based on a panel that Jim Lawson had drawn for the interior art.

I think Kevin Eastman inked this and I colored it in Photoshop for the printed cover. -- PL


  1. I didn't realize Photoshop was around back then. If I figure correctly this would have been out around the time of the Red Sky Shreddersodes so late '94!

    Its very interesting to see the different drawing styles of the same characters. This picture and compared to the previous entry from my first comic (TMNTA#34) is very different an yet both are definitive. Maybe the only other one to get such might be Batman. Another thing that makes the Ninja Turtles great!:D

  2. -->> ..there was defiantly a coherent consistency with all those Volume 2 covers too, Mike.

    Pete deff' was among the very first to implement those digital inking and colourings in any of the TMNT books across the board.

    Leo is incredibly vicious here.

    Bad ass !! !!

    ~ t