Monday, July 20, 2009

TMNT reprint volume information

I was going to put this in the "Comments" section of a previous post, as these questions were asked there, but it occurred to me that this info might be more helpful if presented as a separate post. Here are the questions asked, with answers direct from Dan Berger. -- PL

"1) Will it be a trade paper back only or will there be a hard cover available?"

Trade paperback only.

"2) Will it be available early at comic-con?"

100 copies will be at Comic Con.

"3) What is the format size? Will it be large like the DC ABSOLUTE volumes or at least the larger magazine sizes like the original first few issues?"

Regular comic size (roughly 6.5" X 10.5"), 608 pages.

To do it in a larger size the printing cost would have been 

much higher and the project would have lost money.

" 4) Will the paper be nice matte paper or the new standard shiny paper?"

Same paper as "Tales," which is #50 offset matt.


  1. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the response. Just getting my "shopping list" together for the con. Your presence will be missed but Mirage appears well represented in person and in "sessions" compared to past years.

    Again. Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks for the info. I can't wait to pick it up.

  3. So I take it the collection didn't ship out on July 14th like the upcoming comics list said? Is there a new release date?

    Midtown Comics says TMNT Future Tense is coming out this week. Did that change from next week?

  4. Any plans to reprint the Tales of the TMNT Vol. 1 collection?

  5. What's all this, then?

    Any plans to reprint the Tales of the TMNT Vol. 1 collection?
    It's already been collected in trades twice.

  6. The S,

    Yes it has and both are currently out of print. :(