Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blast from the Past #92: Fugitoid iron-on

Kevin and I did this piece to use for t-shirt iron-ons back in 1985. I am pretty sure Kevin penciled it, and I did the inks and colors. -- PL


  1. I've always loved that, I wish I had a Fugitoid Shirt.
    Have you ever thought about doing anymore solo Fugitoid adventures?
    Also hows the campain going for a Vac-Metal Fugitoid figure from NECA? ;)
    I want that to be the way he is as bad as you probably lol
    I'm a bit disappointed in the fact that Shredders armour is not vac-metal but oh well.
    -Vaughn M.

  2. -->> ..quintessential .. (( think positive )) the 4 H.M. need this as ref' for the NECA Version.

    Wait a sec.

    When Honeycutt was ' killed ' in the Toon .. and then later he recombined to a NEW LOOK ( remember where he forgot who Mikey was because that part of his memory wasn't essential ?? ) ..

    who designed that new look ??

    Is Fugi gonna be in B T T S ??

    I'd imagine him and Serling would have allot in common.

    Well then again Honeycutt seems more tolerable of the 4 shellbrains.

    .. >v<

  3. Tokka,
    If Fugitoid and Serling do not meet and have conversation I'm going to be highly dissapointed.

  4. -->> ..i recall a ' Servo ' droid in Cody's apartment and with his trophies .. guessing it was a replica. >v<

  5. I wish I had gotten one when I saw the original add.